Clarkboys Kettle Corn

Serving Our Distinctively Delicious Kettle Corn Since 2005

In 2016 we celebrate our 11th anniversary and we look forward to continuing our tradition of providing the very best kettle corn to our customers throughout Central Virginia. We want to thank our loyal customers and give thanks to God for his continued blessings on our family and our business. 

Clarkboys Kettle Corn is a company committed to helping those who help others. Whether it is a church youth group raising money for a missions trip or a community fundraiser for a good cause, kettle corn is an ideal product to raise money quickly. Several models are available and the profit margins for your group will guarantee that you raise money fast, selling a product that people absolutely love. Call today to use kettle corn to generate cash.

Some successful past events include:

-Setting up and selling at Wal-Mart or Sam's Club on a weekend

-Inviting Clarkboys Kettle Corn to your high-school sporting events (football preferred)

-Buying pre-cooked kettle corn in bulk and selling after church or at local community events

-Selling at schools with pre-orders and a set delivery date

-Sponsoring us to attend an event or gathering in your community.

Tell us your fundraising target and we will give you ideas to reach your goal using the magical addiction of fresh kettle corn.

For example: An area women's group orders 100 bags to be delivered 4 times per year. After church on Sunday they sell outside the church and make a 100% profit on their investment.  e.g. 100 bags x wholesale price of $3.50 for large bag. Resale at $7.00 per large bag = PROFIT of $350.00 for 30 minutes work.

Call 434-266-1166 or email for more information.